Web Hosting 101: How to Choose a Formidable Web Host
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Web Hosting 101: How to Choose a Formidable Web Host

Web Hosting 101: How to Choose a Formidable Web Host

Looking for a reliable web host for your new website project is not easy. You see, if you really want your website to be truly successful in the long run, you need to focus on quality web hosting. One of the most reputable names you can consider is HostGator. HostGator has been in the industry for many years, and has an experienced team. Check HostGator reviews in Malaysia to ensure that this is the best provider for you. Below are some of the benefits of choosing HostGator as your web host.

1.Quality Web Hosting Packages

HostGator offers basic web hosting plans at around $4 each month. This is relatively cheap, compared to other competitors. Apart from this, they also provide reseller hosting, enabling you to sell hosting to your customers.

2.The Best Servers

HostGator takes pride in having the best servers, thereby providing their clients with trustworthy connections. Their unlimited MySQL database allow users to plan hosting services for different forums, blogs and networking websites.

3.Reputation and Reliability

HostGator has achieved global acceptance in a short period of time, and it continues to maintain its good reputation. The fact that they have their own data center is a great thing. This allows better uptime, and lessens downtime occurrences closer to zero.

4.Money-Back Guarantee

Many HostGator reviews reveal positive experiences from several users. To provide the best customer satisfaction, HostGator offers 45-day money-back guarantee. This is 15 days more than what other companies offer.

5.Great Customer Support

HostGator have amazing customer support reviews. Their team is fast when it comes to attending to customers’ problems. They can be reached via email or phone.

6.Amazing Incentives and Features

HostGator’s hosting services provides incentives which are loved by the masses. It offers a reliable free website templates, website builder, and other free options. These are great help for non-programmers.

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