Some things you should do and not do in your web pages:
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Some things you should do and not do in your web pages:

Some things you should do and not do in your web pages:

1. No page counters:

Page counters do nothing aside from making your website design resemble a beginner, upset your structure, and enlighten individual’s data concerning your site you most likely don’t need them to know!
In the event that you need to realize what number of individuals are hitting your site, simply approach your host for server details. Any host is deserving at least some respect ought to have the capacity to give you point by point details that make page counters look moronic.

2. Disregard flickering or blazing content:

The main spot you see squinting as well as glimmering content is on the neon indications of exposed bars or sites made in the mid-’90s!
Individuals don’t care for them and hope to see stripped individuals inside locales or structures that have them … that’s all anyone needs to know.

3. Make your titles on your site page bode well:

One of the central properties of a website page is its title. In the middle of thelabels, you can determine the page’s title as it shows up in the programs top title bar and the web crawler results.
Individuals focus on page titles, so you should ensure that they are clear. On the off chance that you have a page on the best way to deal with mutts and you happen to have a canine named ‘Jimmy’ don’t title your page: ‘What to look like after Jimmy and his textured companions.’ You should title your page something like: ‘How to deal with puppies.’

4. Try not to compel individuals to download another program of an extraordinary module to see your website:

Unless you have a webpage that individuals are kicking the bucket to see, why limit your gathering of people since you need to utilize some unique highlights in a program or a module like Flash.
Today, with appropriate utilization of CSS and HTML, you can display incredible looking pages without paying some dues old clocks like me needed to when rubbish programs like Netscape 4 were being utilized in extraordinary numbers.

5. Reconsider before utilizing framesets:

In the days of yore you could contend a utilization for framesets in view of HTML’s lousy design capacities. Today with CSS situating being all around upheld by all the real programs there is no compelling reason to utilize framesets for pretty much 99.9% of websites.
For what reason would prefer you not to utilize framesets you inquire? Well, amateurs will in general experience difficulty making and utilizing them appropriately. Framesets will, in general, make websites more confounded than they should be lastly they can cause all of you sorts of issues with the web crawlers.

6. Try not to attempt any inept cheat traps trying to trick the web crawlers:

In the past, we website admins created different evil (offensive) techniques trying to get higher rankings in the web indexes.
Strategies included putting many catchphrases on the pages as undetectable content, and so forth … These strategies may have had some constrained accomplishment before, yet those days are a distant memory.
Endeavor to trick Google (the lord of web crawlers) and you and your site will kick the bucket a shocking and excruciating passing! I won’t portray how to get high rankings currently, however, keep this in mind: great substance genuinely introduced is the establishment of high rankings and high traffic for your site.

7. Talk rooms:

Most individuals don’t give a poo about visit rooms. What’s more, more awful than having a talk room is having an unfilled visit room!
Who needs to hang out at a club that has no one inside? So except if you have a site with a huge number of guests a month and is of a subject that may require a talk room, don’t do it.

8. Streak introductions:

I am liable of this as much as anyone else. A couple of years back Flash introductions where extremely popular, not certain on the off chance that anybody knew why we ‘required’ them, yet things being what they are, the ‘skip introduction’ catch is the second most tapped on the web today. Try not to squander your time on Flash introductions and as I would see it Flash should just be utilized in extraordinary circumstances.

9. Under development pages:

Just overlook it, if the page isn’t prepared, don’t put it up. On the off chance that you have joins that are indicating the pages, debilitate them until your page is prepared.
On the off chance that your page is really ‘under development’ and has content on it that is prepared to be seen by your web surfers, simply post a ‘last refreshed’ date and ensure you get the new substance set up soon. Whatever you do, don’t put one of those gooey ‘under development’ pictures on the page.

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