Online Gambling 101: Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge
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Online Gambling 101: Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

Online Gambling 101: Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

1. Baccarat

House advantage: From 1.5%
Are you aiming for less action on the casino table? Consider a casino game that makes use of
some basic strategy. Baccarat is one amazing game you can explore. In baccarat, punters can
only select from banker, player and tie bets. It follows the rigid card distribution rules. The best
bet is on the player, since the baker bet involves some fees.

2. Blackjack (Single Deck)

House advantage: From 1.5%
Look for a single deck game to improve the chances of winning. This is one of the best blackjack
variations you can try. The house edge is lowered on blackjack single deck games. With right
bankroll management and basic strategy, you can boost the chances of walking away with more money.

3. Craps

House advantage: From 5% to 1.4%
Playing at the best online casino in Thailand is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in
your life. Just do it purely for entertainment, though. Are you in search for casino games with the
lowest house edge? Craps is one of them. Its don’t come/don’t pass bets have house advantage of
only 1.4%.

4. Caribbean Stud Poker

House advantage: From 5%
What is Caribbean stud poker? Basically, it’s stud poker without bluffing, and time spent at the
mirror to practice your best poker face. Join this game by placing an ante bet. Then, look at the
up facing card of the dealer before placing more bets. This type of poker game has an additional
feature–the jackpot bet.

5. Roulette (Single Zero)

House advantage: From 2.5%
Roulette has a bigger player edge when it is played on the wheel’s single zero version. The math
behind this principle is simple. Roulette implements 35-1 on straight bets, though the wheel
numbers climb to 37. Thus, the house advantage on double zero roulette increases.

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