How to Utilize Different Social Media Platforms to Help Create a More Immersive Event Experience?
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How to Utilize Different Social Media Platforms to Help Create a More Immersive Event Experience?

How to Utilize Different Social Media Platforms to Help Create a More Immersive Event Experience?


Most events nowadays are now making use of Social media to help increase their coverage and so that people will talk more about the event even after it was finished.

With the use of specialized hashtags, you could increase your brand recognition manifold than relying on just the actual attendance of guests in your particular event.

If you’re the event planner and you have yet to utilize social media to your advantage, then you’ve come to the right article. Here are some ways you can use the platform to create a more immersive experience for your guests:

1. Twitter

This social media platform allows people to upload gifs, short video clips, and photos to their accounts. With the use of a hashtag, they can easily share their experience with their peers and they would also have a glimpse of what happened in the event.

Have a social media manager to check up on your company’s Twitter feed. You can search the platform using the specialized hashtag that you’ve made solely for that specific event to see how your guests are enjoying their time.

You could also follow up on your attendees by using a system called “Buffer” where you can manage automatic tweets throughout the day and all you have to do is specify at which time you want them uploaded.

2. Facebook

This platform is arguably the biggest in the world with more than 800+ million active users every day. You can pretty much do a lot using Facebook.

You could do a live video feed, you could post pictures on the fly, and you can even use hashtags as well.
Using this social media site to your advantage can be a good thing for better guest engagement.

Encourage people to hop onto your event’s page and post their experiences, videos, and any other stuff pertaining to the said event.

Do this before, during, and after the event and people will not hesitate to post their stuff on the platform and share their experiences. Seriously, if you’re not using Facebook to help promote your events, you’re truly missing out!

3. Instagram

Another great social media platform with a huge following is Instagram. The main premise of this platform is for people to upload their pictures and videos as they please.

But, there is a feature where you can instantly post the photos and videos that your events have uploaded on the platform using your specialized event hashtag.

That feature is the “Instagram-to-screen”. Basically, once people upload their photos on their accounts with the use of the specialized hashtag, your servers can then pick it up (or have your social media
manager handle this) and you can instantly have those photos projected on a big screen on your event.

This way, people will be more happy to send more photos as they want to see themselves prominently, especially in a very big event.


By leveraging the different social media platforms, you can easily make a fun and immersive event. Increase audience engagement by using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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