7 Ways to Help Yourself to a Better Sex Life
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7 Ways to Help Yourself to a Better Sex Life

7 Ways to Help Yourself to a Better Sex Life

Back in the day, we do not have any knowledge about different foods and certain
lifestyle factors that can put a damper on one’s sex life. However, we are now fully
aware and well-equipped to handle the situation in that there are now sex therapists,
libido boosters, knowledge about the right foods to eat for better sexual health and
performance, among many other things.

Although you cannot fight biology in that men do suffer a little bit of a performance hit as
they grow older, having a healthier lifestyle can certainly do wonders.
So today, I am going to go over some ways you can help yourself achieve a better sex

Accept that Changes Can Occur

And I mean biological changes, especially in men. You see, starting the age of 30, men
lose 1-2% of their testosterone every year and the effects of this biological change start
to be noticeable once you reach your late 40s and 50s.

That being said, you cannot do anything to stop that from happening. However, certain
lifestyle changes can somehow mitigate the negative effects of aging, but you can only
do those properly if you’ve already accepted the fact that this change is inevitable.

Be Creative with the Positions

There are certain sex positions that can help increase stimulation in women and you
want to make your partner happy at all times, right? Be creative with sex positions by
trying out new ones from time to time.

Engage in Sensual Touching

Men believe that the only way for them to satisfy their partners sexually is for them to
penetrate their vagina and reach the G-spot. Although that is certainly one way of
satisfying her, it is not the only way.

Women are more attuned to the senses when engaging in sex so it makes perfect
sense to take advantage of their sense of touch. Engage in sensual touching techniques
to help her get more aroused, even if you haven’t penetrated her vagina yet.

Use Lubrication

A woman’s vagina can get dry, especially after perimenopause. If that is the case, do
not forget to use lubricating gels or liquids. This is so that both of you will not feel pain
during penetration.

Never Skip Foreplay

Because your testosterone levels dip considerably as you age, you may not have
enough energy to penetrate your partner’s vagina as long as you used to.

Do not worry as you can still make your partner happy by never skipping foreplay. This
means that you have to engage in kissing and touching more than just penetrative sex.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

As you age, your control down there may diminish significantly and that can be due to
weak pelvic floor muscles. Fortunately, you can strengthen them by doing some Kegel

Seek Professional Help

If the things that I’ve mentioned in this article so far didn’t help you in a noticeable way,
do not be afraid to seek professional help. Your doctor might prescribe that you get
testosterone replacement therapy or perhaps give you certain medications that can help
you in some way.

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